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Rules to be followed[edit]

A responsible player always goes through the rules of a particular game and then gets into the field. If the game is played and performed by the player by rules, then there are fewer chances of getting into conflict with the other players and also for understanding the game in a better manner. Each and every game so be it online or offline include betting or not, has a set of rules and regulations which each and every person should follow. In Leon live casino also if a person wants to join the casino has to at least once go through their rules available on the website attached here Some of the rules are mentioned here; go check out the link given above. There are certain provisions already made by the company which as a new user he or she needs to know, to know what are the provisions of the Leon company go their website. Also, there are various types of bets which a person should know before starting the betting action in the company. Some of the types are pre-match, which are supposed before the start of any of the matches, live bets are the bets which are made in a live event of sports while the match has already started, there are also single bets and multiple bets available by the company. The bets are subject to a sports match or different kinds of sports. Every bet is different and works differently in the case of various sports, like a bet placed for a cricket match for a shot will not be valid for the game of cycling as no shot is involved in the game. All the details of the bet and the games, which includes live games, are given on the page of companies website in detail for better understanding. In online gaming or betting, there are fixed minimum rates to begin the betting with, so every individual can begging with the same rate at the time of betting. Also, specifying the maximum rate is very important to stop the excess amount of spending money on a particular game at once, due to which either one of the person or company will suffer a huge loss, which any company can't afford to do so in such case. After betting in the event is ended, the calculation of rates is done within 20 minutes.